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World's Best Donuts... Eat your heart out!

They probably do eat their hearts out! We have a friend who worked for a season at this incredible local fixture and said that he gained about 15 pounds because of all of the donuts he ate! Doesn't sound like a bad way to go!

Rose and I LOVE World's Best Donuts. Probably to a fault. If there is an extra 75 cents burning a hole in my pocket, you can probably find me at that cute little red house begging a Bavarian Cream Filled Long John out of the Zip-Up Window. Our unreasonable love for this deep-fried ambrosia got Rose to thinking... "Why can't we make our own donuts?" We experimented (not a bad experiment to do, I have to tell you!), adjusted our technique, and before too long ended up with a pretty passable substitute! They are only good fresh of course and they don't have that incredible crispiness that the real thing has (its because they fry them in lard!!), but they will do. Although this too is something that we don't do very often (which is probably good), we get a kick out of making them and haven't had any disappointed guests who got to eat them!

#donut #worldsbest #longjohn #deepfried #yummy #bavariancream #grandmarais

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