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What's better than a Swedish Pancake?

Um, I'm not sure that I know the answer to that question... For those of you who haven't had them before, think of the proud Nordic cousin of a French crepe and you are almost there. Rose's family has made these thin, buttery pancakes since before she existed and she explains that there is a proper way to eat them. You have to put your preferred toppings on when it is flat (but don't put in too much stuff!) and then slide the pancake in between two of the tines on your fork and ROLL. Then you end up with this fantastic little pancake burrito filled with whatever glorious toppings you can think of!

Although we don't make them very often because they are a little more labor intensive, they stand as one of our favorites and a GREAT conversation starter!

#pancake #sweden #swedishpancake #crepe #sweetburrito #grandmarais #arthouse #bedandbreakfast

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