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Looking forward to Summer Rhubarb!

Everything is melting. It rained the other day. There is more sand on everything than a beach in the Caribbean.

You know what that means! SPRING! With Punxsutawney Phil NOT seeing his shadow this year and this being one of the mildest winters I can remember, I think that it is a pretty safe bet to guess that we are having an early spring.

Pretty soon, then, we will have those strange alien looking buds come out of the ground and start reaching for the skies! Of course I am talking about RHUBARB! We were blessed last year with a load of the red and green stuff from a few friends and were able to reinvigorate a classic recipe given to us by Amy Demmer. We have been dreaming about this sweet and bitter cake and hope that we can share it with you sometime this summer as well!

#rhubarb #summer #spring #GoodHarborHill #rhubarbcake #sweetandsour #ArtHouse #bedandbreakfast #Grandmarais

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