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Rose's New Book!

This is Rose. Almost all of you know who she is because she is awesome and she lives at the B&B with me. Rose is a writer, storyteller, coach, educator, good listener, etc, etc...

She has always written prodigious amounts of material since I met her over 10 years ago, myths, folk tales, children's books, young adult novels, essays, short stories, poems, you name it. She has an impressive collection of un-published work that hopefully will be coming your way sometime soon!

What IS already coming your way is The Marvelous Adventures of Katie Addams, Rose's second young adult novel and first to be published. She labored through the publishing process asking lots of questions and calling on other writer friends for guidance, but she got it published.

It is now available in three forms:

1. Audiobook (narrated by the lovely author herself)

2. Ebook

3. Print book

Take a look at it! Click on the photo below to go to the website, get an introduction, and pick up a book!

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