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Old-School Popovers!

I remember my Grandma Ennis (yes, that is where Ennis's name comes from) cooking popovers in her apartment when I was very little. She would spend what seemed like an eternity mixing and letting rest the batter before swifty (and often by loudly announcing that I had to "Get out of the kitchen!") grabbing the heavy cast iron popover pan from the oven, pouring the batter into the sizzling holes, and sliding the filled iron back into the oven in a gratifying flurry of energy and activity.

The popovers were always crispy on the outsides, but so incredibly soft and warm on the inside that the best thing you could do was rip the top open, put a dollop of butter in and then devour them in one bite.

Grandma always associated good popovers with good eggs, they give the popovers "lift" she told me. Well, we have combined our powers with the pasture-raised eggs from the Locally Laid Egg Company of Wrenshall, MN to make sure that your popovers are soft and crispy in all of the right ways. Check out the recipe and give it a try!

#popover #ArtHouse #breakfast #LocallyLaid #fresheggs #castiron

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