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MN's First Solar B&B!

Last November Art House B&B worked with All Energy Solar out of the Twin Cities to install our new PV solar electric system. We designed the system to cover roughly 70% of our total electricity usage with the expectation that we will continue to become more energy efficient and thus making that production closer to our complete usage.

We have been very pleased with the production of the panels (even though it has been a cloudy winter!) and are looking forward to getting some nice long sunny summer days shining on those panels!

Another benefit of the panels are that they will shelter our windows from the summer sun, thus keeping our living room and south facing rooms a little cooler in the summer.

We are strong proponents of thinking through your actions and thought that this one worked out really well! Come on up and check it out!

*We are even going to put a swinging bench under the panels for another cozy place to sit and enjoy the view!

#solar #BB #energyefficient #PV #netzero

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