Gingerbread you CAN Catch!

We all know the fairy tale of the Gingerbread Man running away from those desiring to eat him until eventually being outwitted and devoured by a fox.

Well, we do it a little differently here at Art House. There is no chasing and our gingerbread is not shaped like little people...

What we DO do with our gingerbread is put REAL ginger in it along with a TON of mollasses to give it a moist, semi-sweet yet zippy flavor. We typically prepare it in two different ways, either in a cast iron skillet for a cake or in our cast iron popover pans for what we call "Baby Cakes."

Anyway you eat them, they are delectible and have a delicious spice due to the ginger and the secret recipe: Black Pepper. Don't knock it until you try it! See you soon!

#gingerbread #gingerbreadman #ginger #ArtHouseBB #Spicy

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