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Bread Pudding of Your Dreams!

I LOVE bread pudding. I love it for oh, so many reasons. It's like a pan full of delicious French Toast... But sometimes bread pudding is a little lackluster and needs some beefing up. Our solution for this conundrum is Blueberry Dreamsicle Bread Pudding.

By changing the recipe ever so slightly and adding a few deliberate embellishments, we feel that we have created a spectacular version of Bread Pudding that will knock your socks off!

The orange juice in the mix adds a little tang and the chunks of cream cheese throughout either melt into the interior or crisp up on the surface so that you find yourself indulging in a little spot of richness amongst the semi-sweetness of the rest of the pudding.

We have been trying to figure out a gluten and dairy free version, but I am afraid that this delicacy may be restricted to those of us who can eat those two things...

Try it out! Make your own embellishments! Tell us know it goes!

#creamcheese #breadpudding #frenchtoast #ArtHouseBB #blueberry

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