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About Us

A Family Business
We are Jay and Ennis Arrowsmith DeCoux. We've lived in Grand Marais since 2008 (with a year off when we moved to India). We live on-site.

Jay has been a canoe and kayak guide, beer brewer, sausage maker, and handyman extraordinaire. He is also the mayor of Grand Marais. He teaches at North House. He’s a crazy biker and trail runner (with lots of recommendations for you). Jay is the main contact for reservations. His new big-kid job is as the Local System Administrator for the county's emergency radio system. He's a nerd, and he loves it!

Ennis loves to ride his bike and is into Dungeons & Dragons. He rarely sits still and can often be spotted around town on his bike or scooter. He really likes math and reading and is hoping to make some money in the summer mowing lawns so he can buy a longboard!

Blue is our lovely blue Weimaraner. She was born September 2018 so she is still very much a puppy and loves to say hello. She may bark if she is startled, but she makes friends very quickly. She loves to run so please keep don't let her out of the house! Excuse her nose smudges on the deck door! It's a constant effort to keep it clean!

The House
The house has gone through several iterations in its 100+ year history including time as the "Snuggle Inn." In 2013 Jay and Rose purchased and re-branded the B&B as a creative, casual home base for everyone from artists to adventurers.
All bedrooms are on the second floor and have their own bathrooms. The communal living room has a wood stove, a piano (and perhaps too many guitars), and lots of books to peruse. The kitchen is available for guest use, as is the grill on the deck and the fire pit in the back yard. 
Solar and Local
Art House proudly produces most of its own electricity, heats partially with locally harvested firewood, feeds you food from a Duluth based food service company, gets its eggs from pasture-raised chickens, and displays mostly local art in your room. Just a few ways we can show off our area and how much we like it!
Pro-Recycling, Low VOC
The Art House has recently upgraded all of its flooring to include carpet made from recycled soda bottles, sustainably harvested cork, and biodegradable varnish on the upstairs wood floors. We use only biodegradable cleaners with no or very little scent and have adopted a stringent disinfection strategy for all contact surfaces in the house to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19.
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